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When I wanted to publish my first project on Codeplex, I have the first contact with the Codeplex wiki editor page.
I find that the build-in editor page is not really comfortable. So i decided me to write (Quick & Dirty) a Codeplex WikiEditor.


  • Write formatted article and export it to the Codeplex wiki format.
  • Load and save wiki article.
  • Support the most off the wiki-style functions.
  • Automatically Translate Documentation via Google Translate to different languages

Future features

  • Page Templates: Page Templates like MasterPages in ASP. To Inherit new Pages from a Template that automatically contains the Navigation Bar or Header and Footer and so on.
  • Project Solution: A Project-Solution witch contains all WikiDocuments
  • Export to ApplicationHelpForm: Convert the wiki-pages to an application-help-form. So you only on time need create documentation.
  • Automatically upload of pages (if Codeplex implements the API, vote here for the feature: VOTE)

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