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Editing Language/Keyboard Layout problem


In version of the tool there is an automatic synchronisation made between the editing language selected and the corresponding Keyboard layout used.

This is very disrupting for people using by default other language and keyboard layout !
For example, I'am a french native speaking from Belgium, so I use by default a French( Belgium ) keyboard layout : roughly speaking I use an AZERTY instead of a QWERTY keyboard...
As for convenience I always edit my documentation in English, when I select it as editing language in the tool, my keyboard Switch to Layout English(United States) and thus to a QWERTY keyboard, making impossible the edition of my documentation in that language with my native AZERTY Keyboard !

Furthermore, when creating a new file, the tool detect the default language and reset it to French, forcing afterward to reset it to English every time !

Quite boring and unproductive... So I suggest you the following enhancements for a next release:

Add an options dialog where the following settings could be managed :
  • Automatic detection of the current language when getting focus - Enabled/Disabled
  • Automatic synchronisation of keyboard when setting editing language - Enabled/Disabled
  • Keep last selected Editing language as default - Enabled/Disabled
By default, these options should be set to Disabled, letting the user decide what behavior he would like regarding the editing language.

This said, it is a very promising easy to use tool almost if the API options will be enabled in the future !