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3 Parts of Software Image
The main window is split in 3 parts:
  1. Toolbar
  2. Design area
  3. WikiStyle Export area


Dokument control
Here you can control your current document (New, Load, Save). The Undo and Redo functions use the RichTextBox internal functions.

Text formatting
Here you can formatting the Text.

With the headering toolbar you can select one of the 6 aviable header-styles

Here you can insert tables. Input the table width (Column) and the table height (Rows) and click on "Add Table".
New rows you can add in the design area. Set the cursert after the table and press enter.
New column you can enter withe the "Add Column" button.

Here you can insert the following link-types:
  • WebLink: A link to an external website
  • InternalFileLink: A link to a file in your codeplex project
  • ImageLink: A link to an external or internal image the show on the WikiPage
  • InternalPageLink: A link to a internal WikiPage in your codeplex project
  • InternalDiscussionLink: A link to a internal discussion threak in your codeplex project
  • InternalReleaseLink: A link to a release of your project
  • InternalWorkItemLink: A link to an work item in your codeplex project
Select the link type you would insert, input the URL to the resource that should linked, input an optional text that should display to imagine of the URL, clicking the button "Add URL" will insert the URL on the current position in your document.

Formatted code blocks
To insert formatted code blocks you must copy the code, how should insert as code block, in the the clipboard. Now select the code formatting of the code language and click "Insert Clipboard". Formatted code block will present in the document with an small border.

Spell checking
With this toolbar you can select the input-language for your document and activate and deactivate the spellcheck function with the "SpellCheck activated" checkbox. It use the build-in spellcheck engine of WPF.
When you type the text, you must select the Input-Language for the text. So you can write multilingual pages.
I often Write English Article and forgot to set the Language to English, because of that i have implement an Button call "Set Selection to Language". You can select Text an can change the saved Language for this selection.
The ComboBox shows only the configurated Input-Language. You find this Setting in the system configurations:

Select the language, in which zou want translate the complete Article. After that press the Button "Translate". Now it show the Translation screen and translate the text via the Google Translate API.
Translate Image

Design area

Here you can input your page text an can see the formatted result.
There are some parts that are not show the real preview:
  • ImageLink: ImageLinks will display as nomal Link. There are no preview, becouse if you input images that are upload on Codeplex, the editor has no direct Access. Perhaps i will change it in the feature.
  • Formatted Code blocks: They will display as black bordered area. The code will not formatted in the Editor. It is to many work to formatting it in different language colors.

WikiStyle export area

With the Button "Convert to Codeplex WikiStyle" the formatted text in the Design are will be convert in the Codeplex Wiki Style.
With the CheckBox "Remove WikiEditor-footer from the page" you can remove the WikiEditor Link to this project. If you like this project please don't remove the link. You can see a preview at the end of this page.
A preview of the result you can see in the TextBox buttom of the button.
With the button "Copy to Clipboard" you can copy the content of the TextBox to the clipboard an can insert it in the Codeplex Homepage.

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